Can cervical ectropion cause heavy bleeding

Can cervical ectropion cause heavy bleeding

Are not comfortable touching your vagina or vulva. Plan breaks or cuts in your vaginal or cervical tissue. Have uterine cancer, vagina or vulva.

Have some physical problems with your uterus or vagina. Have difficulty inserting the cervical cap.

It could increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Using the cervical cap is safe, simple and convenient.

It can be carried in your pocket or purse. It usually can not be felt by you or your partner.

It is immediately effective and reversible. Many of us like to weigh the benefits against the risks of the use of a birth control type. It can be difficult for some women to insert.

Can be pushed out of place by some penis sizes, heavy thrust, and certain sexual positions. Must be in place whenever a woman has vaginal intercourse.

It may need to be replaced by a slightly larger plug after pregnancy. Most spermicides that are used with the plug contain nonoxynol-9. If used several times a day, or persons at risk for HIV.

It can irritate tissue and increase the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Most women can use the cervical cap without any problems. But some women may experience certain side effects.

Some women who use the cap may develop vaginal irritation. This may be a sign of an allergy to spermicide. If you have a mild reaction to spermicide, try switching brands to clear up the problem.

Some women or their partners may feel pain or discomfort when using the cervical cap. Serious problems are rare when using the cervical cap.

Check with your health care provider if you. Are uncomfortable when the cervical cap is in place.

Feel irritation or itching in the genital area. Have redness or swelling of the vulva or vagina. These symptoms can be a sign of infection or another condition.

With a little practice, the cervical cap is easy to use. Your health care provider will show you how to insert and remove your cervical cap and will then watch you insert and remove.

You will receive a DVD or video with your FemCap. It will also show you how to use the cap. Practice the insertion and removal of FemCap home.

Your cervical cap must be used by you and you alone. If you take care of your cervical cap can last about two years. After removing the cervical cap, wash it with mild soap and warm water.

Be sure to examine the cervical cap regularly. You can look for small holes or weaknesses in holding the light.

Can cervical ectropion cause heavy bleeding

If there is a hole or weak spot, the light shining through the cervical cap. You can also fill the cup of the cervical cap with water and check for leaks.

Stop using your cervical cap if you find it has holes or weaknesses. Talk to your health care provider to obtain a replacement.

In the meantime, use another form of birth control, like condoms. Cervical caps can still be used if discolored.

You should see a health care provider for the cervical cap. Visit a family planning clinic.

A clinic, or a private health care provider for a cervical cap. When you go to your appointment, your provider will examine you to ensure that you do not have a condition set using a cervical cap. Then your provider will help you find the right size for you and give you information about using, inserting and removing the cap.

Your health care provider to give you a prescription for the cervical cap. Small, for women who have never been pregnant. Way for women who have had an abortion or a cesarean delivery.

Great for women who have given birth vaginally. Cervical caps can be purchased at the pharmacy or clinic with a prescription. Planned Parenthood works to make health care accessible and affordable.

Some health centers are able to charge according to income. If you qualify, Medicaid or other state programs can reduce your health care costs.

Call your local family planning clinic to get specific cost information. And because of that, my husband and I became again very active sexually.

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