Cervical cancer smear prevention

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Cervical cancer smear prevention

For many women with cervical cancer, having a child in the future may be difficult or impossible. Yet since the cervix is ​​essentially the starting point for a growing fetus maintenance, pregnancies are more likely to fail. Obviously a larger treatment, such as hysterectomy, meaning pregnancy is not possible. Some parents believe that vaccination will give children the license to engage in early sex or send a mixed message to their children, and are suspicious of their daughters vaccinated. Note that hpv can be contracted through skin-to-skin contact and should not necessarily be contracted through standard sex. Girls and boys should be advised to abstain from sex and wait, since multiple sexual partners and early sexual activity increases the risk of HPV infection for both.

Those who are sexually active should still use condoms, which can reduce the risk of HPV infection, in addition to protecting men and women of other sexually transmitted diseases. I had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix detected there 21 years so I had a hysterectomy leaving my ovaries. When the lower part of the uterus is infected and develops tumors affecting the cervical region, this condition is called cervical cancer. Among the type of cancer that affects the female population, cervical cancer is ranked third in the world, to breast cancer aside and blood cancer. It begins as an infection in cells of the cervical region. Squamous cells are most affected in the neck as prismatic cells.

Initially, the cells are affected and the cancer proceeds very slowly. At this stage, if the Pap test is done, it could be detected and treated completely. Pap smears regularly can prevent the growth of cervical cancer in women. There are many types of cervical cancer, but all of them are caused by a virus called human pappilloma.

Some of them may lead to the production of genital warts and some other does not create a problem. cancer untreated neck is the risk of spreading to other parts of the body such as the bladder, intestine and lungs. Normally, it takes years to set a precancerous cells to turn into cancer cells. Prostitutes or women who have sex with multiple partners are more prone to cervical cancer than others. Sometimes it is inherited when the mother is taking heavy drugs such as diethylstilbestrol during pregnancy. cervical cancers are difficult to diagnose at an early stage. It can only be detected if the cancer has progressed. Women have vaginal bleeding or sudden bleeding after menopause.

Some of them repeated the discharge of pale pink or red blood that is nauseating. Some other common symptoms in cervical cancers are back pain, fatigue, unusual bleeding from the vagina pain and leg. There will be weight loss and loss of appetite and in some cases, one leg may become swollen. Pap smear is the ideal test for the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer smear prevention

Sometimes the doctor uses the method colposcopy to examine the cervix. In addition, the doctor will ask you to take a chest x-ray and scanner to how far the cancer cells have spread. A doctor may start cervical cancer treatment only if he knows the stage of cancer. The treatment varies widely with regard to age, size and shape of cancer cells.

The surgery is performed to remove cancerous tissue from the cervix. Different types of surgery available as loop electrosurgical excision procedure, laser therapy and cryotherapy in which the doctor adopts various techniques to destroy cancer cells. Only if no other treatment is possible hysterectomy is done to remove the uterus. HPV is the most common infection of the reproductive tract. The majority of sexually active men and women can be infected with the virus once in their lives, according to experts, and infection can occur more than once.

The virus can spread after the sexes become sexually active, and can be transmitted through genital skin to skin contact. Even penetrative sex is not necessary for the hpv virus to spread.

Cervical cancer smear prevention

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