Cervical ectropion after pregnancy

Cervical ectropion after pregnancy

goal of surgery the general objective of teaching undergraduate students in surgery is to produce graduates capable of providing surgical care first effective contact. Surgery includes orthopedics, anesthesiology and radiodiagnostic as minor subjects. surgical sutures, knots, drains, bandages and splints. Boils, cellulitis, abscesses, necrotizing fasciitis. Mechanism and management of missiles, blast injuries and bullets. sebaceous cyst, dermoid cyst, lipoma, hemangioma, neurofibroma, precancerous skin conditions, basal cell carcinoma, nevi and malignant melanoma.

The investigations of arterial obstruction. Evaluation and investigation of a breast tumor. amebic liver abscess, hydatid cyst and portal hypertension. Clinical features, diagnosis, complications and management. Peritoneum, omentum, mesentery and retroperitoneal space. Ulcerative colitis precancerous conditions large intestine.

Causes, approach, diagnosis and management principles. Diagnosis and management of acute appendicitis, appendicular lump and abscess. The clinical features, diagnosis, complications, and the principles of management. Umbilical, inguinal, femoral and epigastric hernia.

Umbilical fistula, the burst abdomen, a ventral hernia. Symptoms and investigations of the urinary tract. Causes, diagnosis and management principles of hematuria, anuria and acute urinary retention. Diagnosis and principles of management of phimosis, paraphimosis and penile carcinoma.

Principles of management of urethral injuries. Exstrophy, epispadias complex atresia and hypospadias 6. Biliary surgery and surgical books of jaundice. Patel – surgical instruments Guide for undergraduates 10. The biological basis for the modern practice of surgery, 15th edition, 1971 wb. Structure, function and abnormalities of the placenta. Prenatal care, nutrition during pregnancy, detection of high-risk pregnancy. normal work – physiology, mechanism, course and clinical management, pain relief in labor.

Contraception – introduction and basic principles 14. maternal mortality and morbidity, perinatal mortality and morbidity. National program – safe motherhood, reproductive and child health, social obstetrics. Development of the genital tract, congenital abnormalities and clinical significance, chromosomal abnormalities and intersex. Physiology of menstruation, menstrual abnormalities -amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, dub. Puberty and its disorders, adolescent gynecological problems.

Infections of the genital tract, vaginal discharge, vulvar itching, vaginitis, cervicitis, pid, tb genitals, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection. Leiomyoma, carcinoma of the cervix, carcinoma of the endometrium, carcinoma chorio, ovarian tumors. Other gynecological disorders – adenomyosis, endometriosis 9. Genital prolapse displacement of the genitals, 10. obstetric complications during pregnancy -aph – accidental hemorrhage. hypertensive disorder, pih and eclampsia, diabetes, jaundice, lung disease during pregnancy, infections during pregnancy 7. Diseases of the urinary tract, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, malaria, torch etc. . gynecological and surgical conditions during pregnancy, fibroids in pregnancy, ovarian tumors, acute abdomen, genital prolapse. high risk pregnancy, preterm labor, after the pregnancy, IUGR, fetal death, waste of pregnancy, rh incompatibility, pregnancy after cesarean. abnormal labor – the action of the abnormal uterus, cpd. complications third floor – retained placenta, ppc, shock, uterine inversion, embolism of the liquid. Puerperial sepsis and other complications in the postpartum period. The evaluation of fetal health during pregnancy and labor. cesarean section, instrumental vaginal birth. Maternal mortality and morbidity, mortality and perinatal morbidity. national program – safe motherhood, reproductive and child health.

Principles of Preventive Oncology surgical pre and post-operative care in gynecological procedures ultrasongraphy gynecology and radiology, gynecology endoscopy in gynecology drugs and hormones in surgery obstetrics gynecology maternal mortality perinatal mortality recurrent wastage high risk pregnancy drug pregnancy rural obstetrics in pregnancy medication in obstetric practice.

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