Cervical ectropion nhs choices

Cervical ectropion nhs choices

I had cryotherapy done on May 18, 2012. To da da 1 3mins of it, but the second time they were shot as badly buh I walked funny.

Because my boyfriend and I havent had sex since March and tried and im tellin him not. Soo I also want to know someone can give me some advice. I had cyrotherapy on 05/10/2012, the procedure is not painful, but the use of the speculum was absolutely unbearable.

A little cramping during the procedure and had disappeared two days later. normal discharge, clear liquid, which my doctor said should go in a month. Although my doctor advice I can continue with regular activities, I kept my light and minimal exercise activities do heavy lifting, etc. I was very scared, but we must think of ourselves as the luckiest.

The introduction of cryosurgery as a way to treat lesions of the cervical os was useful for gynecologists. Most authorities believe that the role of cryosurgery in carcinoma of the cervix is ​​limited. The technique of cryosurgery is based on the introduction of a rapidly expanding gas, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxygen by an instrument-shaped metal cone which corresponds to the area which is to be frozen.

The rapid expansion of high-pressure gas rapidly decreases the temperature of the metal cone and freezes any tissue in contact with the instrument as well. The freezing process destroys tissue and allows healing by epithelialization of the cervix. It is theoretically possible to freeze the entire cervix and lower uterine segment. adequate thawing should be allowed before the release of the cryo probe neck to avoid tearing the cervix which can cause bleeding.

The appropriate cone is selected and applied to the apparatus of cryosurgery. The cone is applied to the portio of the cervix, and if endocervical requires freezing, the tip of the cone is inserted into the endocervical canal.

For about 2 weeks after treatment, the patient noticed a profuse watery vaginal discharge that is typically controlled by douching. All contents of this site are protected by copyright. cervical cryotherapy, or also known as cryocautery cryoconization is usually used to treat chronic inflammation of the cervix, cervical dysplasia, chronic cervicitis, abnormal smear, warts, etc.

Like any other cryotherapy, cervical cryotherapy also involves freezing abnormal tissue. Most cases of cervical cancer are associated with HPV infection.

Hpv usually causes genital warts and sometimes warts on other body parts. Like these warts are frozen and destroyed, is also the case of cervical lesions. Often, the same instrument is used for cryotherapy for cervical hpv, the only difference being the type of advanced freezing unused.

The procedure is to bring a device known as cryoprobe in contact with brain tissues which must be destroyed. The gel lasts about 3-4 minutes.

Cervical ectropion nhs choices

Frozen tissues are then left to thaw slowly. In general, the procedure requires a second cycle of freezing and thawing.

The whole process should take 15-20 minutes. uterine cramping during the procedure, which usually disappears quickly. After cryotherapy, smears colposcopy and future may be more difficult. Rarely an infection or disease called cervical stenosis may occur. cervical stenosis refers to scarring, which can make it difficult to get pregnant.

Recovery after cryotherapy of the cervix is ​​fast. The patient can resume most normal activities after surgery.

However, certain precautions must be taken, such as abstaining from sex and using tampons for several weeks. Do not douche, as this may cause severe uterine and tubal infections. In addition, intense exercise and physical activity should be avoided as this may lead to post-surgical bleeding.

Surgery is often followed by a watery discharge fragrant. This may continue for 2-3 weeks and is caused due to excretion of dead tissue from the cervix.

Some insurance companies may cover part of the payment, but it is best to consult your insurance to find out exactly what is covered.

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