Cervical erosion, general information

Cervical erosion, general informationCervical erosion is a disease which forms non-healing defect which may eventually increase in size and even provoke cancer. It is possible to live with erosion, but, as the doctors say, it is better not to do it; moreover, today there are effective, fast and painless treatments that make it possible to get rid of cervical erosion.

The causes of cervical erosion

The disease can start for various reasons:

  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • The trauma of the uterus during childbirth or abortion;
  • Early sexual activity;
  • Abuse of contraceptives;
  • And many other factors.

With hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders, weakened immunity the probability of occurrence of cervical erosion increases significantly.

Over time, in the eroded zone the process of metaplasia can begin – that is the appearance of abnormal cells. If not to conduct treatment, a few years cancer can appear in this place. Therefore, despite the fact that cervical erosion rarely gives noticeable symptoms you need to pay attention to the disease and to begin therapy in time. We recommend you to attend the gynecologist every six months the gynecologist to prevent the occurrence of disease. But if you already have erosion, then make the next step.


The diagnosis of cervical erosion is pretty simple and usually consists of carrying out a number of studies that you can easily pass for one day.

The basic tests include:

  1. Colposcopy and pelvic ultrasound;
  2. Pass swabs from the vagina and cervix;
  3. Get tested for chlamydia, trichomonas, Gardnerella, Ureaplasma, mycoplasma;
  4. Pass clinical blood test, sugar blood test, coagulation analysis on RW, HCvAg, HbsAg.

Treatment of erosion

There are many ways to treat it:

  • conservative methods;
  • cryotherapy of cervical erosion;
  • diathermocoagulation;
  • radiowave moxibustion;
  • laser cauterization.

Each of these treatments erosion has the right to exist, depending on various factors, including the patient’s financial capabilities. We Cervical erosion, general information2recommend choosing the doctor who will operate on you very meticulously, because it depends on him much of the success of the procedure.

The particular treatment option is selected depending on the size and depth of erosion of the cervix and the state of other indicators. At the same time medication and “active” methods can be combined with each other: the erosion is cured by cauterization, and special suppositories help to restore this zone.

If the regimen has been assigned correctly, you do not have to fear the consequences, which were so scary for a woman just a few years ago. Scarring of the cervix, secondary infertility, internal ruptures during childbirth – modern methods of treatment can avoid all these hassles.

Cervical erosion – if you first heard this from your gynecologist diagnosed and not previously faced with this disease, probably now you are in some confusion. What to do? Should we worry? How is it treated?

Surely you have not all been able to find out everything from the doctor and have started to search for information. However, this activity is often ineffective. You will certainly stumble on strange and rather conflicting data that can not only help, but bring harm. Therefore, you need a truly reliable source from which you can draw only the proven facts. All this information can be found on our website, which is designed specifically to support women who have such an unpleasant disease, as cervical erosion, and to give the maximum knowledge, which is necessary for an understanding of the processes:

  • prevention;
  • diagnostics;
  • treatment;
  • recovery.

Perhaps you have had experience in the treatment of cervical erosion. In this case, it will also be useful to examine the required information. Perhaps it will help you to recover, and now, at this time – finally.

We follow new trends in the treatment of cervical erosion and we will promptly inform you about the developments that occur. Be healthy!