Cervix erosion hpv

Cervix erosion hpv

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Mirena must be removed at the end of the fifth year and can be replaced at the time of removal with a new mirena if continued contraceptive protection is desired. Do not use if the seal of the sterile package is broken or seems compromised. If indicated, a physical examination and appropriate tests for all forms of genital or other sexually transmitted infections. Health care providers should thoroughly familiar with the insertion instructions before attempting insertion of Mirena.

Consider administration of analgesics before insertion. Insert mirena into the uterine cavity during the first seven days of the menstrual cycle or immediately after a first trimester abortion. Back up contraception is not necessary when mirena is inserted as indicated. Differ postpartum insertion and subsequent abortions in the second quarter inserts a minimum of six weeks or until the uterus is fully involution.

With the patient comfortably in lithotomy position, do a bimanual examination to determine the size, shape and position of the uterus. Grasp the upper lip of the cervix with a tenaculum forceps and gently apply traction to stabilize and align the cervical canal of the uterine cavity. If the uterus is retroversion, it may be more appropriate to capture the lower lip of the cervix. The tenaculum must remain in position and a slight pull on the collar must be maintained throughout the insertion procedure.

Cervix erosion hpv

If you have trouble or cervical stenosis, use dilatation, not force, to overcome the resistance. If cervical dilatation is needed, consider using a paracervical block. Insertion of MIRENA in a uterine cavity less than 6 cm by sounding may increase the incidence of expulsion, bleeding, pain, perforation, and possibly pregnancy. To its insertion only after completing the steps above and check that the patient is suitable for mirena. Ensure the use of aseptic technique throughout the procedure.

The tips of the arms will meet to form a rounded end which slightly exceeds the insertion tube. Figure 2 move cursor all the way to the front position mirena load. Do not move the cursor down to this time, as it may prematurely release the son of mirena. Once the cursor is moved below the mark, mirena can not be recharged.

Figure 4 advance the insertion tube until the flange is from 15 to 2 cm from the cervix. Wait 10 seconds for the horizontal arms to open completely. 5 move the cursor to the mark to free and open arms. If you encounter a fundal resistance did not keep moving.

Fundal positioning mirena is important to prevent expulsion. Figure 7 move the slider all the way down to release mirena of the insertion tube. Do not apply voltage or shoot the son when cutting to avoid mirena movement. Keep a copy of the consent form with the lot number for your records.

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