Chemical cauterization of cervical erosion

Chemical cauterization of cervical erosionChemical cauterization is one of the “old” ways of radical treatment of cervical erosion. Unfortunately, comparing with modern methods, it is also one of the least perfect. Chemical coagulation is carried out with a special blend of acids, like drugs “Solkovagin” and “Vagothyl.” Now it is used relatively infrequently, but in some cases still is appointed.

The procedure is carried out under the supervision of colposcopy for the most precise application of the drug. When applied to the cervix, Solkovagin destroys superficial cell layers. A few days later the dead cell layer is torn away; it facilitates the formation of new, “correct” tissue. Before the cauterization patients are taken smear three times and, if symptoms of infection are not detected, then the treatment can be performed.

Chemical coagulation

The advantage is that the cauterization by acids is the cheapest of all possible ways to treat cervical erosion. In addition, it is well suited for those cases when, along with damage to the cervix there is a benign process such as a polyp or some other form of hyperplasia. The main advantage of the chemical cauterization of cervical erosion is that it does not require anesthesia.

Disadvantages of chemical cauterization of cervical erosion

  • the least effective way;
  • the effect of treatment comes just a few days;
  • relapse can happen;
  • possible hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • it is not recommended for the treatment of even mild dysplasia;
  • It is not recommended for nulliparous women;
  • using Solkovagin doctor cannot always treat only the desired area of the cervix, and necrotic cells after treatment for some time in contact with healthy. It threatens to scar formation, with all its consequences.

Erosion which occupies big area is not treated in this way. Chemical cauterization of cervical erosion is carried out only for small areas of destruction. Prior to the complete healing it is necessary to abstain from sexual activity, avoid overheating of the total organism.

In general, if you trust your doctor, and you are not able to select some other treatment, chemical cauterization can be performed. However, nulliparous women should be avoided at all costs, because, firstly, this method of therapy is very risky for future pregnancies, and secondly, it is more likely than others to allow the appearance of recurrence of cervical erosion.