Cryodestruction of cervical erosion

Cryodestruction of cervical erosionThe term “cryosurgery” literally means “breaking the cold.” The surface is influenced by means of sub-zero temperatures, so that the cells at the injury site die and are rejected. It stimulates the growth of healthy tissue, gradually filling the entire area. The moxibustion cervical erosion by liquid nitrogen is recommended mainly for nulliparous women, since this method has the least impact on the woman’s body. But let’s put everything in order.

The treatment process

How to freeze the erosion so much? It is unlikely that you will use ice cubes! With cryoablation using liquid nitrogen, which instantly cools the tissue to a temperature of – 90-140⁰C. Application of nitrogen to the desired portion is carried out using a special device, the so-called cryoprobe. With it, you cannot fear that the substance gets on healthy tissue.

Cauterization of the cervix with nitrogen is carried out as a single procedure; it is carried out at the 7-10 day of the cycle and takes about 5 minutes. Further there is necrosis of tissue and replacing it with healthy cells, the substitution process takes about 3 months. With careful execution, it is painless and does not cause any adverse effects.

Pros of cauterization by liquid nitrogen:

  • the process is fast, about 5-10 minutes, and without negative consequences. Immediately after cauterization you can return to normal way of life;
  • no blood, because the process of freezing tissue;
  • There are no scars and similar effects, that is why we recommend cryosurgery for nulliparous women;
  • Affordable price, about 2 000;
  • absence of a high percentage of complications in as much as 90% cases.

However, in recent years, moxibustion cervical erosion by liquid nitrogen has been appointed less often. Why is that so? We analyze subsection cons.

Cons of cryodestruction

  • Unlike other therapies, such as laser or radio waves, burning by liquid nitrogen has a very low rate of healing – about 3 months;
  • Severe pain is possible, the threshold depends on the individual woman;
  • The physician can only indirectly judge the depth of its impact, and simply not completely remove the erosion; therefore, you have to repeat the cauterization of cervical erosion by liquid nitrogen again;
  • What if the case is complicated, and the damaged areas are located unevenly, some deeper, and some more superficially? Then one cannot avoid injury to healthy tissue, which may lead to complications during subsequent pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Watery discharge, which are quite common. Sometimes they have specific odor.;
  • You cannot use tampons while continuing the recovery process;
  • For about a month will have to live without sex.

Consequences of cryoablation in the treatment of cervical erosion is mainly manifested in the form of scarring, but fortunately, it is not as common.

Cryodestruction of cervical erosion2

Preparing for cauterization and contraindications

Special preparation for cryoablation is not need, as we have noted above, burning is carried out on the 7-10 day of the cycle. You should be mentally prepared for the procedure and tune in, then moxibustion of cervical erosion will be carried out just great. In addition, we recommend that you carry a gasket, since almost immediately after cauterization by nitrogen you will have watery discharge that will last about a month.


  • during pregnancy;
  • during menstruation;
  • if there is an inflammatory disease;
  • if the size of the erosion of more than 3 centimeters;
  • if there is damage to the cervix.

If you have a deep or extensive focus, the results are rarely successful. Surely, you will be advised to replace the freezing of cervical erosion by nitrogen on some other method.

Feedback from our readers

We have selected a few reviews that were sent to us by girls who survived the burning of cervical erosion by liquid nitrogen, and decided to write to us about it. If you want your story published here, send it to the address:

Irina. 25 years.

Irina. 25 years

I will describe the procedure itself:

I went into the room and settled into a chair, the doctor gave me the cotton wool with ammonia and said that I should rub my temples, if I feel dizzy. The mirror was entered in the vagina and the doctor brought the bottle with liquid nitrogen, which had a long tip. The doctor turned the hourglass, which began to measure out 2 minutes, so much had to endure the procedure. The process has started.

At first I was even pleased with a little chill, but then beginning to reduce lower abdomen, after 30 seconds the pain began, and it increased. The tears flowed, I felt dizzy, had a desire to scream as dizziness continued, and the pain intensified.

Two minutes passed, the doctor rubbed in a warm pad with some liquid, and then said that I was waiting for a second stage … I was shocked, 2 more minutes, I could not stand, but in reality it was not so bad, the second phase took place without too much trouble, it was painful, but not so much. After the process the doctor left the inside of the tampon 2, the one with the drug, and the second dry and go home.

When I got home, I immediately drank an analgesic as the abdomen still ached.

From what was then, I want to mention just abstaining from sex, for about a month, and the clear liquid that flowed out of me as much as 30 days, although the doctor said that the flow will not exceed two weeks. I used only panty liners.

But, despite all these terrible things, I got rid of the erosion, and I am now completely healthy. So it was worth it.

Catherine. 22 years old.

Catherine. 22 years oldThe operation lasted about 10 minutes, there was no pain and much discomfort, although the doctor warned that there may be. The lower abdomen was slightly pulled, but it did not bring the discomfort to me. A month later, everything healed, and erosion is no longer appeared.

The treatment was confirmed because I did not give birth, it was the only way.

Surprisingly, after reading reviews on various websites, I noted that many women become sexually active right after surgery; are you out of your mind, dears? A week before and after for at least a month have no sex. Otherwise you’ll have problems with secretions, smell and so on. Follow your doctor’s recommendations, and everything will be fine.

Irina. 21 years old.

Irina. 21 years oldMoxibustion lasted for about half an hour. I came, collapsed in a chair, and a nurse, meanwhile, was preparing a solution of liquid nitrogen. Then I was entered into a large mirror. I was not offered painkillers, and, as it turned out later, it was not necessary, because I did not feel anything, even cold. After the operation I was sent to the ward, where I lay for half an hour. Went to the doctor and asked if everything was OK, I said, – “Yes,” and let me go home.

I was warned about the secretions, so for me it was not a surprise, but the water flowed for about a week, and it was really unpleasant. Incidentally, the discharge had no odor.

The next day I went to the restoring process, I was treated in the place of the erosion with hydrogen peroxide, and then the doctor inserted a tampon with an ointment. I had to undergo such a procedure 10 times, after which I was informed that the erosion was gone!

It has been 5 years, I occasionally visit a gynecologist, and there are no signs. By the way, my sister made laser cauterization of erosion, and after 4 years it has once again revealed. That’s why I can recommend this method – it is painless, fast and efficient.

Victoria. ’31.

Victoria. '31The moxibustion by nitrogen did not help to get rid of erosion. I did it two times, and I still have the scars.

The trial took place in the same way as in other cases, so describe it once again did not see the point. I felt no pain, my head was not spinning, the abdomen slightly pulled, but it was not a problem.

After the operation, I was forbidden sex, physical education and a bath. I was appointed “Ascorutin” for vessels, to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. Liquid separation was about a week, and there were many.

The operation was carried out in the local clinic, as there were no funds for a private clinic. Sometime later I was able to move to a big city and turn to the experts who said that I was very lucky because the cervix had scars, and they can trigger uterine rupture during childbirth. Fortunately, I gave birth normally.

I cannot recommend this type of treatment of erosion, as my experience was negative, although the cause may be specialists who were not good enough.