Deaths due to cervical cancer vaccine

Deaths due to cervical cancer vaccine

May 31, 2010 around 295 million doses of vaccine have been distributed in the United States alone. There have been 53 deaths reported to VAERS after Gardasil injections, and if doctors and health officials can work to establish more accurate reporting, we could soon see those numbers will be much higher. Many of these reactions occurred within days or weeks after the shot in girls previously healthy. Concerned parents are most successful adolescent, but good play nurse for the chronically ill, or mourning a loss that could be related to Gardasil.

This percentage may seem small, but for the families who have suffered the side effects of Gardasil, it is anything but. Unfortunately, the CDC and FDA will have an even harder time determining how many adverse effects occurred from gardasil simply because of unequal medical reports. When doctors report VAERS, they often fail to provide identifying information such as name or address of the patient, making it impossible to follow CDC on the slopes. If the actual number of reactions was known, and doctors reported the reactions properly, we may have seen an even more dramatic set of numbers associated with Gardasil and its relationship with morbidity and mortality. Government health officials say that although they were able to verify that Gardasil was given before the death of 29 of the 53 cases reported to date, there is still no definitive link that proves gardasil was the cause. There are now 20.101 reports of adverse reactions and 84 deaths attributed to HPV vaccines.

September 40 days healthy breastfed infant died the day after his mother received her first injection of Gardasil. Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner requesting the vaccine is withdrawn. For natural remedies and methods to prevent and eliminate HPV or cervical cancer please contact Dr. Akilah el. You can find information on the number of women diagnosed with this cancer each year. You will also learn general information about the survival of the disease.

Remember, the survival rate depends on several factors. This year, an estimated 12,990 women in the US will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. An estimated 4,120 deaths from this disease will occur this year. The survival rate at 5 years tells you what percent of women live at least 5 years after the cancer is detected. However, survival rates depend on many factors, including the stage of cervical cancer is diagnosed. It is important to remember that statistics on the number of women surviving this cancer are an estimate.

The estimate comes from data based on thousands of women with this cancer in the US each year. Doctors can say with certainty how long a woman will live with cervical cancer. In addition, experts measure survival statistics every 5 years. This means that the estimate can not show the results of improved diagnosis or treatment available for less than 5 years. Learn more about understanding statistics.

The next section of this guide is medical illustrations. It features drawings of body parts commonly affected by the disease. A vaccine is a shot that contains a vaccine. Vaccines help protect against certain dangerous infections. Vaccinations can help protect you and your baby against certain infections during pregnancy. You get vaccinations during pregnancy helps to keep your baby safe from infection during the first months of life until he got his vaccinations. all vaccines are not safe to get during pregnancy.

Talk to your health care provider to ensure that any vaccination you get is safe for you and your baby. Make sure your immunizations are up to date before getting pregnant. Each year a new vaccine against influenza is done to protect against three or four flu viruses that may cause illness during the upcoming flu season. The vaccine against influenza contains killed influenza virus, and the mist contains live influenza virus.

Both the shot and the mist are sure to get before pregnancy.

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