Ectropion cervicale immagini

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Ectropion cervicale immagini

Most surgeries have a success rate guaranteed. In many cases, they do not remove the abnormal tissue and women recover without return dysplasia, but sometimes it is necessary to repeat the treatment. Depending on the severity of dysplasia and the amount of tissue removed, care must be taken for 3-6 weeks. He must abstain from sexual intercourse, high-impact sports, douching, tampon use, swimming or using a bath for this term. A woman can take up to six months to heal completely.

If your doctor recommends surgery, make sure that you are knowledgeable about this stage of dysplasia you. Often, surgeries are too easily prescribed for women with mild or moderate cases of dysplasia that mostly will improve on their own. Surgeries are sometimes completely unnecessary and women subjected to invasive procedures that can have long-term side effects. When a woman decides to go ahead with the surgery at any stage of dysplasia, the underlying causes are never taken into account. This results in an increased risk of recurrence. Factors such as overall health, the state of the immune system and the virus invasion are not taken into consideration, even if they are the most important factors affecting the healing process.

We can not think that just cut a piece of abnormal tissue will heal from an illness that has a profound physical, mental, and emotional roots. There are a variety of ways a woman can support the healing process. It is best to use a combination of methods in which you have the most faith. Here are recommendations for dietary factors and herbal supplements, healing, douches, suppositories, yoga and meditation, as well as other considerations for alternative healing. It was found that as the level of these nutrients in the body, the risk of cervical dysplasia.

The body uses vitamin A to promote healthy skin cells. Vitamin A increases the immune system response to the invaders. Vitamin A is fat soluble and are not rinsed out of the body so. High levels of carotenoids are associated with a faster time to play hpv. Beta-carotene is soluble in water and will not become toxic to the body.

It is preferable to use both vitamin A and beta-carotene for the treatment of cervical dysplasia. Low levels of B vitamins can cause estrogen levels in excess. The B vitamins are necessary for overall health and disease resistance. And additional b6 B complex is useful to help immunity against cancer and is b12, which is important in the formation and aids in the appropriate cell in the absorption of folic acid. If folate levels are low, the DNA anomalies occur and affect cells of the cervix.

Ectropion cervicale immagini

Folic acid has been shown to reverse the cellular changes that occur with cervical dysplasia. It can also prevent the integration of HPV virus in the DNA. Folic acid is also sometimes called vitamin B9 and has a close relationship with other B vitamins. Folic acid works best when taken with vitamin B12 and vitamin c. folate levels are found to be very low among women with cervical dysplasia. It is easily destroyed in the cooking process, and may be exhausted by alcohol, smoking, oral contraceptives and other prescription drugs. The low levels of selenium may be linked to abnormal Pap smear and a decrease in immune function.

Selenium increases the effects of other antioxidants such as vitamins a, c, e. Copper concentrations are often elevated in women with cervical abnormalities due to its relationship with high estrogen levels. If you plan to take whatever is recommended, the cost can add supplements. I found that shopping online has saved much on cost. The best site I’ve found is iherbcom nutritional supplements. You can save even more on iherbcom if you enter the coupon code eme036. The protease enzymes cleanse cellular debris such as dead or damaged cells and toxins in the blood.

The required dose is 3-4 capsules per day for three months. After three months of taking a month off and get tested.

Ectropion cervicale immagini

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