Erosion of the cervix in nulliparous

Erosion of the cervix in nulliparousAfter the joyful ordeal of the childbirth is left behind, there will be some changes in your body. The brain begins to vigorously develop “tenderness hormone” prolactin, metabolic processes in the cells of the body become slower, and sebaceous glands, on the contrary, will begin to work more actively … But first of all expect the change of those body parts that directly participated in the process of procreation.

For example, the cervix will never be the way it was before pregnancy. Cervical canal – a hole that leads into the uterus – after birth becomes slightly wider and becomes slit-like shape, whereas nulliparous rounded, and he is very narrow. This anatomical feature is of great importance in the selection of treatment.

Do I need to treat erosion of a nonparous girl?

Often, cervical erosion is painless; many women identify problems, only visiting the gynecologist, because the disease has virtually no symptoms. But even after learning about the illness, girls are too slow to act. But this is absolutely not correct. Since cervical erosion can cause cancer, certainly not immediately, and not in every woman, but do you want to experiment on yourself to find out whether a simple erosion can turn into uterine cancer or not?

In any case you need to see a specialist, and he will decide whether to prescribe treatment or there is a high probability that the erosion will go itself, using the capabilities of your body.

Causes of cervical erosion of nonporous girls

  • There are a lot of possible cases, here are the main of them:
  • an infectious disease such as cocci, trihomonadis, chlamydia;
  • viruses, such as herpes or papillomavirus.
  • Endocrine disorder or unhealed inflammatory processes;
  • physical damage to the uterus, such as during an abortion or early sexual intercourse.

Erosion begin always the same, at first there are small cracks, and then the healthy cells are replaced ectopia.

What is the main danger for the treatment of nulliparous?

As a rule, eroded zone is located in the center of the cervix that surrounds the opening of the cervical canal. Accordingly, if moxibustion is carried out, the physician should fully process the pathological focus. During this procedure, you can get a little damage to healthy tissue. If moxibustion is done inadvertently, it can lead to scarring and fusion of cervical canal. Thus, treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous women may result in infertility. Stronger injury can cause the violation as cervical incompetence when during pregnancy the cervix opens spontaneously, and there is a miscarriage. If, however, thicker scars are formed, it is not hard to guess that it can lead to rupture during childbirth.

Many nulliparous women prefer to leave erosion until the birth of the child, but it is not the best way out of the situation because there is treatment, it is obliged to carry out high-class specialist.

Erosion of the cervix in nulliparous2

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion of nulliparous women

Generally speaking, you have only two options for treatment:

  • physical burns of the affected area;
  • chemical fixation.

What to choose? Ideally, a qualified specialist will choose the most appropriate method for the treatment of erosion, we can only describe in more detail.

Physical burns

Moxibustion of cervical erosion was used for a long time for nulliparous women; its essence lies in the burning of damaged tissue by means of different ways, which you will find below. Moxibustion method is very effective in the early stages, and provides virtually 100% of the result for recovery.

Cons of the burns:

  • Together with the diseased tissue health can be affected;
  • the long process of rehabilitation, from 1 to 3 months;
  • a ban on sex, bath, exercise at the time of rehabilitation;
  • possible pain;
  • scars may remain;
  • not suitable for treating the difficult case.

This type of treatment include:

  • cryosurgery, ie the treatment of cervical erosion by liquid nitrogen;
  • moxibustion by electric shock;
  • moxibustion by radio waves;
  • laser cauterization.

Chemical Fixation

A more modern method that is more humane, because:

  • It does not leave scars;
  • There is no long-term prohibition limit on the sex and taking a bath;
  • It is painless.

Whatever you choose, cervical erosion of nulliparous women should be treated with great care, and for them to choose the most gentle way that will be most effective and do not leave serious consequences for the woman.