Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical erosion

Maybe the reason is special mentality, perhaps, the reason lies in a catastrophic state of Russian medicine … Whatever it is, among our compatriots there are still many fans and opponents of self-traditional ways of healing.

Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical erosionFolk remedies for the treatment of cervical erosion are mentioned quite often. People often use traditional remedies fighting different diseases, gynecology is not an exception. Magazines, reference books, the Internet and other sources offer us various methods of alternative medicine, which, according to fans of these recipes, can help much better than usual tablets and injections.

In particular, there is a huge variety of ways of national treatment of cervical erosion. The source of the search for alternative therapies is a common fear, but you know, the erosion can be cured without cauterization, though not always.

Somehow, there is a belief among the people that the medicine does not know about the wonderful healing properties of herbs, oils or bee products. This is not true. For example, if you have cystitis, a doctor must recommend you diuretic herbal. The treatment of cervical erosion with folk remedies is justified in individual cases, but really good recipes are not as frequent as we would like.

How do you like this piece of advice: use swabs soaked with gruel onions and garlic? At best, it will not help at all, and at worst – will provoke inflammation and erosion will go together with colpitis. A daily douching decoction with the rhizomes of Bergenia? Such treatment may cause vaginal dysbacteriosis, and as a result, vaginosis. Therefore, before using the traditional methods of treatment of cervical Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical erosion2erosion, be sure to consult with your doctor. Excessive trust can only hurt your health.

The use of sea buckthorn oil and rosehip oil, cleaning the decoction of calendula and other herbs with anti-inflammatory action – it really has a right to exist, although not a panacea, but the honey treatment can cause complications.

Never forget that this disease is a risk factor for cancer, so dealing with it should definitely be conducted under the supervision of a physician, and treatment of cervical erosion with folk remedies should be taken only with the permission of the gynecologist, and only as a variant of concomitant therapy.