Honey Treatment of cervical erosion, why it is better not to use this method

Honey Treatment of cervical erosion, why it is better not to use this methodSearching for the best cure for cervical erosion, you can find a huge variety of popular recipes, where honey is present. Alas, even if some of the things are very often said, this does not mean that it is really good. So is with honey: studies have shown that this agent does not reduce the size of the damage and has no effect on the healing process. In addition, some women who used honey encountered complications as exacerbation of thrush (vaginal candidiasis).

“How honey and yeast are linked?” – You ask. It’s very simple: fungi (candidiasis is a fungal disease) – are big fans of sweets. Regularly feeding glucose and sucrose, you not only treated, but also to grow at more and more new generation of germs. Therefore, do not use recipes which cannot be called truly tested.

Treatment of cervical erosion with honey is not the best option that you can think of when you have the disease. Relying on traditional methods, you can encourage the increase in the size of the erosion. Fortunately, there are many other methods that consistently “work” in 100% of women.

Incidentally erosion are not always treated with cautery, there are other ways. To get rid of the erosion in the initial stage you can assign a candle or an ointment. If erosion is not treatable with medicines, cauterization remains. But do not worry; current treatments are much more humane than those 5-7 years ago. The following types of moxibustion began to be used:

  • laser;
  • radio waves;
  • using chemical fixation.

This method is good because they are suitable even for nulliparous women, as it does not leave scars and other unpleasant consequences, and heal quickly. You no longer need to change 5 pads daily during the month, as a method using liquid nitrogen is obsolete. You do not have to endure the hellish pain of the cautery electric shock because so nobody does.

Remember that medicine is evolving, new effective tools for almost every year. Refer to the gynecologist without its share of excitement, because only he can prescribe the most effective therapy.