How to prevent erosion of the cervix?

How to prevent erosion of the cervixIt is well known that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. If to take into account gynecological diseases and, in particular, erosion or dysplasia, it is true as anywhere. The prevention of cervical erosion is carried out very simply.
Even if you are healthy, attend a gynecologist every six months, in order to prevent a disease (swab and examination). After all, it is the only way to protect yourself from stress, financial loss and discomfort connected with the treatment of erosion. We are sure, it is needless to say that the problems solved in time, even something simple, such as thrush, will protect you from possible serious diseases.
Follow sexual and personal hygiene. Remember that frequent change of sexual partners can “reward” you with an infection, and sexual intercourse without any contraception can lead to unwanted pregnancy and abortion. If you found out you are ill with toxoplasmosis or other disease, start treating it immediately. The more you coexist with pathogens inside your body, the more damage they will bring.


Take care of your immune system: any disruptions in it make the “weak points” occur in your body. Take vitamin complexes at least in spring and autumn, and better throughout the year. Use at least vitamins that are sold in pharmacies, such as Vitrum, Duovit, Complivit. Do not forget to take up any physical activity, such as jogging, fitness to yoga.

Perhaps, these are all of the main measures. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in them. Do not be lazy to carry out the prevention of cervical erosion, and you will never have to deal with this disease.
If you still have questions concerning cervical erosion, you are likely to find the answers on a special page.