Is the moxibustion of cervical erosion obligatory?

Is the moxibustion of cervical erosion obligatoryWe will not torment you with uncertainty and say dull and obscure things. No! Cervical erosion does not always require cauterization.

In general, the evolution of medical views on the treatment of the disease has changed at least the times over the past few years, and each time the changes were sudden and dramatic.

Once it was thought that erosion should be watched and treated by gentle local methods. Then, with the emergence of different methods of cauterization, the number of supporters of aggressive tactics increased.

“Why wait for cancer? Better cure it now, until it appeared!” Such arguments were common in the scientific community until recently. New methods of moxibustion were implemented, laser and radio waves were actively used; euphoria about the effectiveness of cauterization grew.

So is it worth to cauterize erosion?

Now doctors have accumulated efficient data whether moxibustion impacts the frequency of relapses and the growth of malignant rumors of the cervix. Omitting unnecessary entails, we can say that moxibustion has failed to reduce the death rate from cancer, although it undoubtedly saved the lives of thousands of women. So now one can come across such views: “Perhaps it is better not to touch the erosion?”

It is difficult to say what will happen in next five years, but today cauterization is still the most recommended way of treatment.

However, you might be advised conservative treatment, if your case is not complicated. Some doctors are tolerant to using drugs, others find it useless. In any case, all of them agree that women should prevent the erosion and attend the gynecologist regularly.

We are sure that medicines do not help the majority of patients. However, about 20% of patients end with the decrease or even the disappearance of erosion. Who knows, maybe you will be among those lucky women.