Laser treatment of cervical erosion

Laser treatment of cervical erosionLaser medicine started to develop about 20 years ago. Therapeutic low-intensity irradiation, it is called “laser scalpel” is used in inflammatory gynecological diseases. The method is used not so long ago, when compared with other methods of cauterization of erosion. Perhaps this is why few people understand the value of laser treatment of cervical erosion. But this method is one of the safest and most gentle ways of cauterization. And the most dangerous method of treatment of erosion is honey, and other folk remedies are not very effective for deep erosion.

Before starting the treatment of cervical erosion by laser, you must be examined:

Inspection by a gynecologist

To pass a series of tests:

  • extended colposcopy, cytology, bacteriological examination of smears, STI research.
  • Treatment of cervical erosion by laser

Laser treatment of cervical erosion has much in common with the radio wave technique.

During the procedure, the tissue is heated so much that is their ablation, or, more simply, evaporation. The laser beam cuts a thin layer of damaged tissue. It facilitates the recovery process and allows the epithelium again to close the entire area of ​​the cervix.

Surely you have not once received abrasions; If you remember, on the surface initially formed a crust (scab), under which the mucosa is gradually healing. However, if the scab is on the cervix, making it difficult overgrown wounds and increases the risk of infectious and inflammatory complications. Through the phenomenon of evaporation, the treated erosion remains the “extra” tissue, so recovery is faster.

Due to the nature of the process will be watery, so be prepared and do not be alarmed, such discharge indicates the recovery process of your mucous membrane. Discharge can be from 1 to 3 weeks. Also it is worth noting is that you should immediately call a doctor in case of heavy spotting.

The benefits of laser treatment of cervical erosion

It does not affect healthy tissue regions;

It promotes rapid healing without leaving scars;

moxibustion takes a few minutes and can be done any day of the cycle, except during menstruation;

mucosal surface is completely restored after 4-6 weeks of treatment;

the absence of pain;

the method is safe for nulliparous women.

List of recommendations after cauterization of cervical erosion by laser

  • observe sexual rest for one month, the second month, you can have sex in a condom (consult your doctor) to avoid getting partner micro flora in the vagina of women;
  • Do not lift weights, weight lifting can cause discharge;
  • you must not drink alcoholic beverages;
  • Do not swim in pools, ponds, baths within one month;
  • Do not use vagina swabs.

After a period of rehabilitation you will need to visit a gynecologist to get confirmation of the result and further recommendations.

Feedback from our readers

Helen. 22 years old.

Helen. 22 years oldI went to the gynecologist for the planned inspection; my gynecologist found small erosion in the area of ​​the cervix. At that time I was nulliparous, I heard a lot of opinions that childbirth is not desirable to cauterize erosion since then there may be problems in childbirth. I passed the necessary tests, I was diagnosed with an infectious disease, in fact because of that, and there was erosion, as I explained to the doctor. My gynecologist told me that you need to be treated, and then erosion can heal yourself. Once passed the treatment I came to visit, I heard not very comforting result, the infection is cured, but the erosion stayed. As a result, the doctor advised me to laser treatment, said it is a safe procedure for women’s health, which does not entail problems in childbirth. I agreed. Sensations during cauterizing laser is not very pleasant, but discomfort can be transferred to the same post-treatment, the pain was gone and no longer worried. Everything went quickly. Arriving at the inspection after rehabilitation, after 1.5 months revealed nothing, everything has healed, as was not. Overall I am pleased with this kind of treatment, only that after the procedure, you must adhere to certain recommendations of the doctor, but I withstood it.

Mary. 26 years.

Mary. 26 years Good afternoon; I will share my experience with you! A few weeks ago I had a laser cauterization of cervical erosion. It came on day 6 from the beginning of the month. The procedure took only a few minutes. Using a laser beam is non-contact and virtually painless. After laser cauterization of erosion was abundant clear discharge, after three weeks it was gone. The wound healed relatively quickly. Probably the only negative I would have said, compared to the other so it’s quite expensive, not every woman can afford.