Recurrence of cervical erosion

Recurrence of cervical erosionCervical erosion is one of th most common diseases of female sexual sphere. This disease is being actively studied, new methods of diagnostics and treatment are elaborated, and we can say that in our times gynecologists always achieve excellent results in the treatment of this disease.

However, unfortunately, not all the bad leaves forever. Sometimes recovered patients have relapse, that is, the recurrence of the disease after treatment.

The reasons for the relapse of erosion are the same factors that led to its initial appearance. These can be inflammations of the cervix, hormonal and immune disorders, frequent change of sexual partners and so on. Typically, a relapse occurs if the cause of the disease has been identified incorrectly, or the patient did not complete the course of treatment. This is especially true for sexually transmitted infections, like chlamydia, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis. Their treTment must be carried out together with a sexual partner, and under the control of bacteriological tests, which is not always done.

The treatment of infections in the sexual sphere is a very long process that requires patience and persistence. But we must understand the importance of this problem, because the inadequate treatment or lack of it can lead to other diseases, much worse than erosion.

It is difficult to eradicate such an issue as bacterial vaginitis. It occurs as a manifestation of vagina dysbiosis because of the decrease of the amount of normal microflora and the colonization of the mucosal surface by pathogenic micro organisms. Often it happens after the irrational therapy by antibiotics, the use of contraceptive pills with nonoxynol-9 or with a change of a sexual partner.

Also the recurrence of the erosion may appear because of hormonal misbalance; often it is connected with the improperly selected hormonal therapy. Often women choose the contraceptives relying on the advice of their friends, but these pills require an individual approach.

Pregnancy is a difficult challenge for a woman’s body. It’s not only the time of hilarious expectation, but a “test of strength” as well. During pregnancy chronic diseases are aggravated, the immune system is weakened, there is a “hormonal storm”. With such a background the relapse of erosion occurs frequently, but it is worth noting that in most of the cases erosion disappears after childbirth, but there are cases you need to apply cauterization.

The treatment of recurrent cervical erosion is usually reduced to the elimination of its causes. Women are appointed anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate the infectious agent, drugs to restore normal hormonal level and vitamin complex to improve the immune system. With the proper treatment even an extended erosion disappears in 3-6 months.

If this does not happen, the patient needs treatment eliminating the changed tissue. That is moxibustion by drugs, liquid nitrogen, laser cauterization and diathermy coagulation. If possible, use the method of radio wave surgery. The treatment is initiated only after colposcopy and cytological examination of cervical tissue.

If erosion occurred again, do not worry. This time you will be examined carefully and pass a course of therapy. In order to get rid of the erosion you need to choose a good doctor, to perform the appointments properly and have positive attitude. Thus, the erosion will not bother you.