Symptoms of cervical erosion

Symptoms of cervical erosionAs we all know, every second woman suffers from cervical erosion, and most of them do not even know about the disease, since in most cases erosion has no symptoms. Thus, erosion is usually detected during the scheduled examination or for any other reason a woman visits the gynecologist. However, it is not always so; some symptoms are quite frequent, but women do not pay attention to them.

The most frequent symptoms of cervical erosion are the following:

  • Pain during intercourse;
  • Spotting;
  • The main symptom is abundant mucous discharge from the vagina during the menstrual cycle.

Among the symptoms of cervical erosion there is the change of vaginal discharge. Under normal conditions they are absent. However, patients with this disease are sometimes disturbed by whites – whitish thick liquid, leaving marks on underwear. They are usually associated with some sort of latent infection or inflammation, which often cause and accompany this disease. Eroded surface has no upper protective layer of cells, that is why it is easily damaged. As a result, there may be bleeding, which can occur after the intercourse, pelvic examination or even spontaneously. Blood is released in small amounts of pinkish brown color on the underwear or . there is no more significant bleeding during the erosion. Pregnant women are the exception: they have reduced blood clotting, it increases the vulnerability of mucous membranes, so the blood goes out. However, if you are pregnant, knowing that you have erosion, and have such a symptom, do not enjoy a sense of false security: contact a doctor immediately to find out the threat of miscarriage, placental abruption and other dangerous conditions. Other signs of the disease appears much less frequently, in particular, discomfort and pain during the intercourse.

Symptoms of cervical erosion2


In some sources you can find the claim that among the symptoms of cervical erosion might be slight pain in lower abdomen, massive bleeding, discharge with an unpleasant smell and so on. But these symptoms of erosion occur not so often. If you have such complaints, look for other possible causes. In general, follow the doctor’s recommendations and visit the gynecologist once on six months, maximum once on a year: in this case you can protect yourself from many troubles, including cervical erosion. Keep in mind, that any disease is easier to cure at the early stages, rather than wait until it becomes more difficult, if not turn into cancer. Dear for.s, pay attention to your health, listen to your body, pay attention to the signs – perhaps, your body tries to tell you it is in danger.