The connection of erosion and cervical cancer

The connection of erosion and cervical cancerThe data given in this regard in different sources are contradictory. Someone encourages all patients to relax and not to make a storm in a teacup, arguing that the risk of malignant transformation is extremely small, and little erosions should not be cured at all. Others violently shake their fists and threaten that within ten years you’ll have to pass the third course of chemotherapy for cancer. Whom to believe? Let’s finally sort out the situation.

First of all, make a notice: cervical erosion is indeed a risk factor, as it can quickly spill over into dysplasia, and this is actually the initial stage of cancer. It is a scientifically proven fact. But we must remember that such factors, in fact, are so usual and frequent: early or late onset of sexual relations, abortion, STDs, no pregnancies, dishormonal phenomena … the list can be long. Therefore, not every woman has something more terrible because of erosion- otherwise our population would have become at least two times smaller.

However, if you have already decided to pull the plug on this problem, it is not necessary to do so. Nevertheless, cervical cancer is found in one in a thousand women, and almost always it occurs after erosion. Simple damage can eventually develop into metaplasia (roughly speaking, it is an intermediate option between cancer and not cancer), well, then you know … so it is better to do the right thing, to recover and throw out all the fears, and without exposing yourselves to danger.

Dear women! Treat erosion and do not forget to regularly attend the gynecologist – you will need your health in the future.