The cost of treatment of cervical erosion

The cost of treatment of cervical erosionMore and more people prefer to be treated in public hospitals, but in private clinics. Often, this approach is justified: attending such institutions, the patient can be sure that he/she will not stand for hours in line, will be examined in comfort and get all the necessary information. The only negative effect is that in such places there is no system of insurance and, therefore, you have to pay for any procedure.

With an issue like erosion, women often turn into a commercial clinic. Of course, all are concerned with the question, what is the cost of treatment of cervical erosion. You can come to the doctor with a ready examination or without it, you may be recommended completely different methods of treatment, in the end, it is important where you live – in the capital, a large city or a small town … it is difficult to name any specific figures, because the cost of the treatment of cervical erosion depends on many factors.

In most cases, patients undergo moxibustion. For example, radio wave therapy session on device “Surgitron” will cost you about 2-5 thousand dol.. The cost of cauterization of cervical erosion by laser is usually a little higher. In this procedure you may come across prices from 2,5 to 5 thousand dol..To compare, burning with Solkovagin drug costs only 400 dol.

Perhaps, in the end you have to part with a slightly higher amount than you bargained for, after all, planning treatment, it is necessary to take into account not only the therapy: the total cost of treatment of cervical erosion is composed of the price consulting physician, directly therapeutic procedures, tests that need to be undertaken later to confirm the recovery, drugs, etc.

We do not describe the cost of ethnomedical treatment, because of its ineffectiveness