The treatment is completed. What to do next?

The treatment is completed. What to do nextHow do you want to quickly hear from the doctor the words you have been waiting: “Well, Masha (Katya, Nastya, Claudia), everything is fine, go enjoy yourself!” Therefore, once the treatment is over, and we have no need to go for clinic and to implement the recommendations. We gladly do everything we want… Well, maybe it is not so, but, at least, we often forget about the prevention of relapse, precautions and other boring, but as they say, the right things.

With the erosion of the cervix everything goes exactly according to this scenario. You have suffered enough, having overcome all kinds of fear and laziness, passed necessary procedures, dutifully complied with all the recommendations required sustained restrictions and finally hear that you are free. “Just do not forget to come six months later, God forbid relapse!” – Says the doctor. “Good!” – Shout you already have from the other end of the corridor, taking your surgical boots off.

At this point, you really believe that it is necessary. But practice shows that routine inspections are visited by very few patients. It seems, and it is necessary to get to a doctor, but the work, children, housework, a doctor on vacation, bad weather, you are tired … you can always find excuses. And then, why asking for trouble – what if they find something? – Or to waste an hour of your life to make sure that the health is okay?

What can I say … Only you decide what to do in such cases. You cannot be forced to be surveyed. But keep in mind – if in a few years all of a sudden you get a referral to an oncologist, can only blame yourselves. Therefore, at least once in every six months after the treatment visit the gynecologist’s office. In the end, it is so nice in every moment to realize that you are healthy.