The treatment of cervical erosion by radio waves

The treatment of cervical erosion by radio wavesThis treatment was developed not long ago, but it was immediately recognized as one of the most effective ways of treating cervical erosion.

Radio wave treatment of cervical erosion is suitable for patients of any age, with any size and depth of erode area, with commorbidities and without, for those who have children and for nulliparous women. The usual moxibustion device is “Surgitron”, but there may be other.

The patient and the gynecologist decide to use this method only after diagnostics:

  • Examination by a gynecologist,
  • Smear analysis to determine the presence of flora dysbiosis
  • Infection tests (chlamydia, trichomonas, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, HPV, herpes)
  • Cytologycal analysis
  • Oncomarker (detection of cervical cancer)
  • Colposcopy and (possibly) biopsy.

How is the treatment of cervical erosion by radio waves carried out?

The type of radio wave therapy is selected individually, it depends on the complexity of the disease. It is carried out in the first phase of menstrual cycle, on 5-10 days. It takes 1 to 5 minutes. Pain depends on the pain limit (nervous system), some people do not feel anything, and for somebody it is quite painful.

After the procedure you can feel discomfort from such things:

  • Discharge (it can last for several weeks, the color changes from transparent to bleeding)
  • You cannot lead sexual life during 1 month
  • You must not swim in the pool or sea, visit sauna and take a bath (only shower), as well as lift weights.

In each case, depending on the size of the erosion, the doctor states the term of prohibitions. A month later, you will come to visit your gynecologist.

What is radio wave treatment of cervical erosion?

The basis of this kind of treatment is the use of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. The doctor directs the radiation to the eroded area, strictly along the border of healthy tissue and eroded mucosa. The temperature is so high that a thin layer of cells is first warmed and than just evaporates from the surface. This is a great advantage: after this cauterization there is no dead tissue or eschar, so there is no medium for the growth of bacteria and no basis for the formation of scars. As a result, we get minimal risk of infection and scars on the cervix.

This method is based in high temperature of radio waves, which “closes” the bleeding capillaries. That is why bleeding will not disturb you after the operation, and the wound will soon be coved with new epithelium.

As you know, each treatment method has its own contraindications. Sometimes you cannot use the best method because of certain reasons. As for radio waves cauterization, you don’t need to think about possible limitations: if there is no evidence of active inflammation, you can undergo the procedure.

The most important questions

Are the things really so rosy? There must be a trick! Maybe the cost of such treatment is too high? Not at all. In comparison with laser treatment, the radio wave cauterization is even cheaper. Depending on the size and complexity of the erosion (for example, congenital malformations of the cervix and vagina) it will cost from 3 to 7 rubles.

Benefits of the treatment by radio waves

  • The speed of manipulation
  • The procedure is almost painless, it can slightly hurt in the lower abdomen
  • It reduces the risk of the recurrence of the disease
  • It does not damage the tissue surrounding the eroded area
  • After the procedure there is no dead tissue
  • Minimum of bleeding
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Radio wave treatment promotes rapid healing without scarring
  • This method is suitable for nulliparous women.


  • If the patient has a cardinal pacemaker
  • In case of inflammatory process
  • In case of infection
  • If the patient is pregnant

It seems that we are dealing with a truly effective procedure. So, if the doctor prescribes you radio wave treatment, be sure that it is one of the best options. Beware of self-medicating using folk remedies, usually they do not bring any effect. Stay healthy.