Treatment by suppositories

Treatment by suppositoriesMethods of medical treatment are appointed to the small number of patients. Unfortunately, they are not always effective, so doctors recommend this therapy only in the simplest cases. If you are not suffering from inflammatory diseases, and a happy owner of a small erosion of the cervix, treatment with candles – it’s just your choice.

Typically, combine the use of regenerative (with sea buckthorn, depantol) and antiinflammatory (terzhinan) drugs. The drugs with different action are alternated: one cycle for 10-12 days in a row using a reducing agent, and the following month, during the same time – anti-inflammatory.

Some experts argue that the treatment of cervical erosion by suppositories is nothing more than a waste of time. However, some women are helped by conservative therapy.

So, if you can potentially use it, give yourself a chance to do without cauterization.

The benefits of treatment erosion by suppositories

  • soft base, which allows you to evenly distribute the drug;
  • the shape allows to direct cure to the point where there is erosion;
  • It does not harm the flora and the mucosa;
  • It promotes the growth of healthy cells.

Among the shortcomings can be identified only that suppositories help in the early stages of erosion, if your disease is complicated, you’d better not hope for them. That is why we recommend regular check-ups at the gynecologist. After all, it is the only way to prevent the possibility of cervical erosion. Just a rule of thumb:

  • Visit the gynecologist every six months.

By the way, the suppository can be a good addition to the basic treatment, as an integrated approach often shows far more impressive results.

Be sure to remember that candles should be administered only in the supine position. In order to avoid getting in the discharge cover, place the gasket or towel.

After completing the course go gynecological examination. If erosion remains unchanged, you can always use other methods of treatment.