What is cervical erosion

Obviously, nobody likes to be ill. However, when we are not quite healthy but experience and desire to recover sometimes there is another feeling – a kind of academic interest. We always carefully contemplate the suddenly appeared pimple or trying to examine the throat when we feel flu-like symptoms.
With diseases of the internal organs it is a bit more complicated, because we cannot see the “enemy”, whom, as they say, you need to know in person, in our own eyes. If you have cervical erosion, the affected area can be seen, but by your gynecologist. However, the Internet is full of pictures of cervical erosion, so you may well form an opinion about the disease and when you view them. And if you really wonder, you can ask a doctor to make a picture during colposcopy.
So how does erosion look like? If the mucosa is normal, it is pink. But if you look at the photo of cervical erosion, you’ll see that normal mucosa has noticeable bright red spots. This is the damaged area. Since this area is not covered by the epithelium, capillaries are vividly seen, which gives it a color.
For those who want to visually see what it looks like is as cervical erosion, we have prepared some photos for your reference. The spectacle is not for the faint hearted, but that is what it is.

As you can see from the photo, the pathological center can occupy small area as well as almost the entire area of the neck. In most of the photos of cervical erosion it is clearly evident that it almost always affects the central part surrounding the exit from the cervical canal. Sometimes, seeing a small hearth in the center, an inexperienced physician can make a mistake in the diagnosis, taking the erosion of the mucous membrane inside of the channel, which also has a red color, and can go a little bit beyond. However, errors are always detected at colposcopy: inspection of the cervix under high magnification it easy to distinguish normal from disease.
Do not worry; below there is another photo collection of cervical erosion.

Now that you know it looks like the erosion of the uterus in the photo, and we very much hope that now you will undergo a planned inspection at the gynecologist at least once in six months!
Pay attention!
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