What symptoms did you have when diagnosed with cervical cancer

What symptoms did you have when diagnosed with cervical cancer

uterus cancer treatment kay ka ki jaye ilaaj biopsy, lymph nodes of pelvic radiotherapy kay kay zareye nikal jaye dia. Agar Masane you cancer tak aur Gurdon phail chukka hai ki mareeza to chemo therapy teletherapy aur aur ki Jaye tumors sare ko nikal jaye dia. Doran is mareeza ko aur antibiotics vitamins diye jain Takay aur ise beemaryon is bachaya jasakay is aur bhi ki sehat bahal ho. Cancer is a group of diseases that can occur with virtually no symptoms. Weight loss is a common symptom in most cancers. The alarm signal is considered so round 5 kilos and expected unproductive. Fever may be an early processes such as leukemia or lymphoma sign. As the cancer progresses, fatigue may be a symptom of the disease, although in some cases, such as leukemia, can be an early symptom, or a secondary symptom to anemia caused by stomach of a loss of blood or colon tumors.

In bone cancer or testicular pain may be an early symptom, such as brain tumors, which does not refer headache is a warning signal. Often the pain is associated with metastasis or direct tumor invasion of richly innervated structures. In addition to changes in the shape, size and appearance of moles of clean skin cancer, other types of neoplasia can cause other skin changes such as jaundice, rashes, itching, growth hair. The change in bowel habits for a long time can be a symptom associated with colon cancer. Sometimes the skin cancer can save resemblance ulcers that do not heal, as occurs in oral cancer and should alert smokers. In the genital area, you should also be put on notice to both men and women. These small white spots may be frequent precancerous lesions in people who smoke pipes and if not treated in time, can become cancer of the mouth. Many cancers can be palpated through the skin, in particular breast cancer, testis, lymph node and soft tissue.

Any hard mass must Resultants suspect again. It can be a symptom of a cancer of the esophagus, stomach or pharynx. Chati breast cancer symptoms Alamat kA cancer. Most viewers will remember the little news that shetty had more or less out of sight after a spat with Goody. Like many others, she had simply not known cancer until it is in its advanced stage, and that was just too late. symptoms of cervical cancer are generally mild and there are few or no initial symptoms and signs. It is a disease that can strike women of any age, ethnicity, or social and economic class. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women and the third leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide. About 80 percent of deaths from cervical cancer occur in developing countries such as Pakistan.

Typically, in pakistan, a woman would be sensitive to this marriage cancer before, with the onset of sexual activity. The same study shows cancer deaths to 129 per 100,000. Risk levels for girls are much higher than before. Pakistan has indeed gone from a low risk to moderate risk country for cervical cancer and the increasing incidence is seen especially in young women with the disease at an advanced stage when they go to the doctor for the diagnosis. The appearance of cervical cancer would not only create a deep trauma for both the woman and her family, but also be unbearable in terms of cost of treatment. Young women must be vaccinated before the wedding, as the most effective option for the prevention of disease. In fact, this should really be a part of the protection that parents provide to their daughters. A simple and practical action is simply a visit to the gynecologist, to advise the best course of action for the bride-to-be.

Among other things, the gynecologist clarify that cervical cancer is a hereditary disease and that any woman can acquire. About a month or so ago, a new Cervarix vaccine became available in the Pakistan market. It costs rs4,700 and a woman will need three doses. Cervical cancer is caused by a virus, it can be avoided if an effective vaccine is available.

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